Country View Goats

Quality Boer Goats Registered, Breeding Stock, and Fair Wethers. Traditional, Paint, Spotted and Solids.

                Country View Goats Of West Michigan                                                                      Boer goats for sale in Michigan
We have new kids as of Feb 1, 2014.
Both Shooter and Grady kids will be available for sale. More info on kids to be coming soon. Pictures are available on our Facebook page; Country View Goats.
Due to technical difficulties, some issues on our web pages are currently being resolved. Look for updates and changes to come.                       

           Country View Black Ice

         Country View Snow Storm

             Country View Black Pearl

Located in New Era, MI Country View Goats is simply miles from beautiful Lake Michigan. Our herd is ABGA Registered and tested free of CL and CAE. Show wethers, registered replacement doelings, full blood bucks, and occasionally commercial bucks are available. 

                                                Boer Goats for sale in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois.
                                                     Trucking can be arranged to anywhere in the
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