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SJE Country View Dixie  ABGA # 10564075   D.O.B 02-10-12

SJE Country View Dixie, daughter of Darla, granddaughter of Little Bit. Love this bloodline !!     Dixie is a Rock daughter, excellent conformation, size. She is a big, massive doe, thick with lots of bone.

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SJE Country View Darla  ABGA #   10523258     D.O.B. 12-18-10

Darla is a beautiful Full Blood Black headed traditional doe out of Little Bit and Back in Black, a solid black buck.

Darla is a very quiet, sweet doe who is an excellent mother. She is show correct, excellent length, single teats, with a beautiful udder to care for her kids. Darla is a Little Bit daughter out of a Black Paint buck, Back in Black. She produces excellent kids with size, conformation and lots of wonderful colors.

            Darla and her Rock Daughter Dixie in October2012

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   SJE CountryView Polished Jasper

DOB 5-17-12 ABGA Reg. # 10587839

Jasper kidded in May as a yearling with twins sired by Grady. A solid black doeling and a black dappled doeling. Retained the dappled doeling.

Excellent mothering, length, size and conformation. Jasper is a very feminine doe with a sweet, quiet disposition.

She kidded in Feb. 2014. Shooter kids, a paint buckling and a tri colored dappled doe.


                                                                                        KGW Boers Moonspots Celestial Surprise DOB. 3-28-10 ABGA Full Blood Reg. # 10518156

Celeste is a very correct large framed long bodied fullblood doe from KGW Boers of Ill. She is an excellent dam with a beautiful udder.  Her bloodlines include, Back 2 Nature genetics which trace back to Circle R Codi Bigdog (ennobled), Bulldog (ennobled), Renoir, Kaptein, and Tsjaka, All Ennobled. Her sire; KGW Goldstrike Mountains Moonspot is a tri-colored dapple.  

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Herb Angel Boer Goats TKVW 187 Merci Me (Nibbles)       DOB 2-08-12                                                         Herb Angel Boer Goats Cookie


ABGA # 10572607 "Cookie"                      ABGA # 10572545 " Nibbles"

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The sisters are Full Blood Boers.  Their sire is WHG Kodachrome, whose pedigree includes CRCR Aged to Perfection *ennobled*, one of the first dappled bucks to achieve ennoblement.  Their dam is Max Boer Goats Make A Boom, a daughter of Maker's Mark.

They also trace to Outback Boers Scorpios Stinger *ennobled*, T4 Scorpio, Max Boer Goats Red Hot Dappled $ *ennobled*, HMR Sumo, Mojo Majic, DER Walt, NK Dura Max, Kaptien, CODI Dot, WHG Dur Max's Valentine, Frances, and Logan Hill Makers Mark, an outstanding producer of dappled & spotted Boers.  Three of the above-listed Boers are ennobled.

 Both does have excellent mothering, udders and  are wonderful additions to our herd! 



SJE Country View Black Pearl, 12-25-12   ABGA Reg. # 10592768
Pearl is a large percentage doe who's bloodlines run 4 generations deep in my herd. I started out my herd years ago with a beautiful commercial Boer doe and bred up from there.
Pearl is the only remaining percentage doe I own. She is long and  thick, Excellent conformation and size.

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